Your DITY Move

If you are planning to do a DITY (Do It Yourself Move) for your next PCS (CONUS ONLY) here are a few things you need to know.

Who Should do a Full DITY Move: If you choose to do a DITY at all I would suggest doing a Full DITY over a partial, especially if you do the famous “purge party” travel light, or do not own a ton of furniture.  What is the famous “purge party”? It’s basically a garage sale and you either sell everything you do not need/want, give it away to neighbors, or head out to the Goodwill. Besides if you sell most of it, thats extra $$$ in your pocket for the PCS.

Who Should Do A Partial DITY Move: If you choose to do a partial DITY move, you need to keep in mind you will still most likely be renting a moving truck/trailer.  If you’re using a trailer, do you already have a vehicle to tow it?  Don’t forget, you will have to have the trailer weighed empty before you load it, and again once its full before you take off on your PCS.  However, if you choose partial you will have a ton of room to add all those things you to not want the movers to pack/haul and you will have room for a ton of items you will need right away when you arrive at the new duty station. 

Things To Keep In Mind:

  1. Do you have a vehicle to load/tow a tailer for a Partial DITY?
  2. If you own two vehicles, do you want to drive both? Haul one behind the moving truck? Ship it?
  3. Do you want to pack your home yourself?
  4. Do you want to purchase all the boxes and packaging material?
  5. Are you PCSing across the country or to the next state over?
  6. Are you a large household with lots of family members moving?
  7. Have you spoke to your insurance company?
  8. What can you claim in anything breaks en-route during a Full/Partial DITY?
  9. Are you pressed for time?
  10. Do you have animals to consider?

DITY Move Inventory Checklist