Dear PCS:

“With everything happening around firearms my husband is really worried they will not ship his guns for our upcoming PCS.  Can you please explain what the process is and should I be worried?”

~Worried Navy Spouse~

Dear Worried Navy Spouse:

Yes, everything that is currently happening centered around firearms is scary I agree.  It is sad and we at Lost During My PCS are truly saddened by everything.  However, to answer your question… no your spouse should not be worried about shipping firearms during a PCS.  When you receive CONUS PCS order and you want to ship your firearms you must always comply with the local and state laws, as well as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives regulations.  This is something you will need to look into for the state and city in which you are PCSing to. 

If you are PCSing OCONUS you will need to look into and abide by all he laws of the host country.  When you have to return to the United States you will need to identify the firearms on your individual customs declarations and… this is so important: obtain ATF Form 6, Part II and ATF Form 6A.  You can find these forms on the ATF Website and they are REQUIRED to bring any firearms into the United States.  Please keep in mind this process can take six weeks or longer. 

All in all, I honestly do not think you have anything to be worried about.  Things are going to happen, yes it’s terrible but we have to continue to push though our daily lives.  If you are going to live on post/base make sure you check with the MP’s on what they require for the firearms.  Some posts/bases will require all firearms to be locked in the arms-room at your spouses unit, as well as they must be registered with the MP’s office.  I wish you the best of luck on this PCS and do not hesitate to reach out with anymore questions.