Dear PCS:

“I have been trying to get ready for this upcoming PCS and I keep hearing about adding labels to the boxes.  What labels are my friends taking about? Will these labels get my items back to me if they are lost? I am so confused… does the Army provide these to us?” 

~Confused Army Wife~ 

Dear Confused Army Wife:

This is actually a really great question and one I see all the time on our Lost During My PCS group.  Adding a label to your boxes will not guarantee they will not be lost in the PCS, or that if they are lost they will be returned.  However, the labels are a great way to assist if your boxes are lost during a PCS.  Here is an example of the labels I use when we PCS:

I make sure it has the following information:

  1. My spouse’s last name (he is the service member). 
  2. Where we PCS from and to… Fort Bragg to Fort Carson.
  3. When we PCSed… December 2015 (Our HHGs did NOT go into storage).
  4. The moving company assigned to us that moved our HHGs… Mayflower Moving and Storage. 
  5. Our phone number (this makes it easier for anyone to contact us directly). 

I also color-code the labels to match which room they came from.  For example, I always make the kitchen red, so all the labels on the kitchen boxes have a red border.  I also state on the label Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kids Bedroom, Garage, etc. 

I use a simple program like to create my labels and I print them from home.  This saves money, and remember when PCSing saving money is a MUST!  

Having all of this information on every box that leaves your home can save you tine if by chance the box is lost during the PCS.  Like I stated before: Is this a guarantee method…? nope.  But, it sure can help.  

Happy PCSing Confused Army Wife!