Valuable Inventory Checklist

1. List all serial numbers, model numbers and the manufacturer information.

2. Take pictures of your electronics with the data mentioned in number one.

3. Take video of electronics and anything with moving parts. Show them in working order. i.e. all electronics should be on and I even change the channels while recording to show everything works.

4. Any claims you make will need proof that you had the expensive item to begin with.  This is why you should always keep the receipts when purchasing these items for when you may need to make a claim. Or, take a picture of the receipt (front and back) and place it into a database.

5. The hose to your washer should be unhooked and always make sure the water is drained. (Trust me you don’t want to make this mistake.)

6. For off road vehicles i.e. motorcycles, ATVs, etc. make sure all the fuel is drained, disconnect any battery, and tape it.  However, oil may remain in the oil tank, but to be safe double check there is no leak in the oil tank.  If you have to put any off road vehicles into storage disconnect the battery.

7. If you have a gas powered lawn mower, make sure all fuel and oil is drained.  Why this is acceptable and not the off road vehicle, I am still trying to understand it myself.

8. I always use either zip-ties, or large rubber bands to tie all the electronic cords together.  I always have the mover tape them to the back of the device if possible, and I place the remotes in to a large ziplock bag, label it and tape it to the back as well. This makes it easier when we arrive at the new duty station.

9. Dishwashers, refrigerators, and appliances must be prepped for transport and storage. Drain all ice machines and water tubes.  I also tape any cords to the back, you never know.

10. Before you sign the inventory list, GO THROUGH YOUR HOME, check every closet, even the top shelf, cabinets, drawers, EVERYWHERE to make sure everything has been packed and sealed. You should be provided a legible copy of the inventory sheet. If you are not provided a copy do not allow the driver to leave without giving you one.

Valuable Inventory Checklist