Selling Your Furniture Before A PCS

Selling Your Furniture Before A PCS

OK, you’ve got your orders and its time to start getting ready for that oh so fun PCS.  But you don’t want to be overweight, so you decide it may be time to “purge” a little…  You’re asking yourself, “What can I live without?”  Well, if you want to “purge” some of your furniture you need to get the biggest bang for your buck, right!?!  After all, you may want to use that money to purchase new furniture when you arrive at your new duty station, or better yet, some new clothes!

No matter what you decide to use the money for, you will want to get the most $money$ for your furniture.  So here is my advice to you on what you should sell and how to go about it before your next PCS. 

1. PCS Sale:  Whether you decide to call it a moving sale, a yard sale, garage sale, or the famous on post/base PCS sale, you’re going to have to advertise this baby as much as possible. The more people who know about it, the more who will come and buy… buy… buy your items!  Place an ad in the local newspaper (yes, people still read the newspaper), you can place digital ads too, post on all the spouses Facebook  pages (ask the admin first), local post/base yard sale Facebook pages, put flyers on the housing office community board, and don’t forget to tell all your friends you are having a PCS “Purge” Party Sale!

2. Online Sale: Take advantage of the internet and sell everything you can on all the yard sale Facebook pages…  Yes even the Lost During My PCS… “Purge” Party page (that’s my cute little plug) wink~wink.  You can also use other local off post/base pages as well.  Remember to be careful if you are going to meet anyone to exchange the goods thought… Safety First!

3. Thrift Store: Look into the local on post/base thrift store.  Ask them if they do consignment sales?  You never know unless you ask right! You could make some extra $money$. Also, ask them if you can leave your items here if you PCS and they can send you a check when the items sell. 

4. DIY: Look for a local DIYer and see if they want to buy any of your furniture for a DIY project.  Trust me you never know… these guys and gals that do DIY projects are amazing, and they will purchase furniture and turn it into something off the hook!  Like I said, you never know until you ask.

The bottomline is: if you need to unload that furniture before your next PCS, then do it! Don’t be overweight and pay those extra charges! No-one wants to have to pay that! BOO… right!?! So, find a way to make some extra cash, unload that heavy weight and move along to the next adventure in your life!

Happy PCSing!!!!

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