Important Information & Printables For Your Next PCS

PCS Specific Documents You Should Never Pack:

1. 10 copies of you or your spouse/partners orders.

2. Household goods (HHGs) shipping/storage documents with GBL (Government Bill of Lading) numbers

3. Sponsorship information (New Duty Station)

4. POV (Privately Owned Vehicle) Documents, POV titles or loan documents, registration forms, insurance policy cards

5. Drivers License, Passports, Military ID Cards

6. Family Documents i.e. Marriage Certificate, Birth certificates (all family members), Social Security (SS) Cards

7. Kiddos report cards, Copy of kiddos IEP/504 Plan from old school

8. Child custody documents

9. Wills, POA (Power of Attorney)

10. Medical records and Vaccination cards (kiddos and adults). However, when we left Bragg they would not allow me to take mine or the kiddos originals, so I asked for copies.

11. Dental records (all family members)

12. Financial Documents i.e. credit card bills, check book (I know it’s hard to believe we all still have these), home loan information, rental company informaiton, etc.

13. Copy of information on new post/base housing office etc. or rental office if you choose to live off post/base.

14. High Value Items appraisal information.

15. Pet information and vaccination record. 

Handy PCS Checklist