Tired of Being at the Mercy of Your Movers?

As most of you already know, PCSing is really a crap shoot. Some moves go really well with minimal damage and some….well, you know. A bad move can be devastating with the loss of family heirlooms or more. The Lost During My PCS website and Facebook pages are filled with heartbreaking horror stories of damaged goods, drivers lying about weights, and lost items.

Some PCS seasons seem to go worse than others. 2017 was a particularly rough move season with each story of loss and damage worse than the last. Entire rooms of furniture disappear before making it to the new location. Claims are denied on appliances that no longer work after a move because there is no proof that they were in working order before the move. Reports of water damages, insect infestations, rude packers and movers…the list goes on and on.

Why? Why is this acceptable? And is ANYTHING being done about it?

Our friends at PCSgrades are trying to help us, the military community, to take steps to help facilitate a better interaction between the military family and the pre-move inspectors, packers, and movers we come in contact with during our PCS.

With each move should come a reasonable expectation that the majority of our items will show up in the same condition they left our possession. We know there will be some wear and tear. A few scratches, a dent here or there are to be expected. But the decimation of our property is not expected, nor should it be tolerated.

So what can you do?

First thing, download a Mover’s Notice from PCSgrades.com.

I know it may seem weird to basically put them on notice, but it does work. When the pre-move inspector arrives at your house, hand them the notice. It shows that you are excited to be working with them to safely and efficiently transport your belongings from one location to the next. It also makes them completely aware that you aren’t going to keep quiet about the experience, good or bad. Let them know you are looking forward to bragging about their great work to the military community.

As you pass this notice to everyone who will come into contact with your belongings from the packers to the movers, you are putting the proverbial ball in their court. It is up to them to decide what type of grade they will receive.

After your move, go on to PCSgrades.com and leave a review of that moving company. If they exceeded your expectations and delivered your life in boxes with minimal damage, then sing their praises in a review. Or….if they left your life in a shambles with thousands of dollars in damage, tell your story in a review for the world to see.

It’s one thing to post your PCS horror story on the Lost During My PCS facebook page. It does feel great to have the community rise up in support as they comment. But unfortunately, that’s as far as it goes. Try finding that post a few weeks later.

Your moving company review, good or bad, remains at PCSgrades for the world to see. The grade a company receives will show all potential future customers, as well as transportation offices, that the service provided was substandard. While you are at it, leave a base housing review or a neighborhood review. We as a community need this information to live in a place that is easily accessed by all of us the next time we PCS.

Good reviews will help to build their business and build confidence from the military community. Bad reviews could lead to termination of contracts and loss of future potential business.

It’s a small step, but it starts a conversation. Most importantly it starts to put some of the control back with the service member and their family. Control we so desperately deserve. Do it today!



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