I am sure many of you live like I do… moving every three to four years, sometimes don’t even open some boxes from the move (or the move before that). Military life is not easy, but the one thing my husband and kiddos always tell me is I can always make our new house (yes rental house) a home.  They always love how we can move into a new place (on or off Post) and I somehow manage to make it look like we picked up our old home and brought it with us.
Many people ask me if I went to interior design school, wow… that is a huge complement! But, no I went to school for marketing LOL! I do love to take a new place and make it our own but, how do I do it now that is the question I get asked all the time.  Well, I am here today to show and tell if you will, on how I make any house the Army gives us a home.

Step 1: Paint!
I paint the walls… I love earth tones and I feel like bringing some color into a home can only help with the mood.  Now, my husband and I have two kiddos so we only qualify for a three bedroom house, so with that being said nine times out of ten…that house is SMALL! So, I figure by adding a splash of color it will bring everyone moods up! (If you live on post all you have to do is prime before you do the final move out.)
Step 2: Rugs
OK, every house we move into has either hardwood floors or linoleum.  So, by getting a few colorful fun rugs and placing them in every room you don’t even see the floor! That is a win-win situation in many military issued houses.  Also, if you are anything like me you do not like wearing shoes in the house.  By adding rugs on the floors it will feel like you have carpet…and….fun colorful carpet at that.

Step 3: Allow The Kiddos To Decorate Their Own Bedroom (Age Appropriate)
OK, so my kiddos are older my daughter is sixteen and my son is thirteen, so I feel like mom gets to decorate the entire house, so why not let them show off their personality in the bedrooms. This will allow them to make it their own.

Step 4: Flowers In The Yard
I know many people forget about the outside of their home, but you should really make that your own too.  I always say flowers in the yard make a happy trip in and out! I love to come home everyday and see my beautiful flowers blooming…it’s like they are saying, “Welcome Home”! I pick a weekend and we do a family garden day….the kiddos love this, as we also break out the slip-n-slide and grill.  Yes, my kiddos still go down the slip-n-slide. So, we make a fun filled day of it.  Now, don’t get me wrong about 30 mins. into the gardening the kiddos jet to the slip-n-slide and are gone for the rest of the time.  But, hey that leaves me time alone with my husband…I’ll Take It!

Step 5: Use Every Wall
I always make sure every wall in my home has a photo or painting on it.  I love to look around and see pictures of the kiddos when they were little, it makes me smile.  Don’t be scared that you will have too much on the walls…nope! There is no such thing as too many pictures of your family.  I get family pictures taken at every duty station, for example when we were stationed in Monterey, CA I had our family pictures taken by the ocean at a famous spot called, Lovers Point.  I love to capture the area in which we lived, I want to remember our Army journey when I am older and I want to be able to share this with my grandkiddo’s some day.

So there you have it, five very simple and not expensive ways to make a rental house a home.  It is so simple and once you do it you can sit back and look at what you created. Trust me you will feel amazing in “YOUR” new rental home…not house…HOME!

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