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Important details to include in your post:

  1. Post/base you PCSed from and new duty station.
  2. The month in which you PCSed.
  3. If your items went in to storage or not.
  5. A photo of the item if available.
  6. State if you have LOST and item or are LOOKING for the owner of an item.
  7. The color of the sticker placed on the item if available.
  8. The moving company who moved your items.
  9. The last name on the box (if you feel comfortable doing so).
  10. List all items you lost or found, add as much detail as possible.
  11. DO NOT add any information you do not feel comfortable adding.
  12. Remember OPSEC when posting.
  13. Do not give personal information to anyone, unless you feel comfortable doing so.

Example Forum Post:


Hello, we PCSed from Fort Bragg to Fort Carson December 2016 (it was the beginning before the 15th).  Our items did not go into storage it was a direct PCS.  The moving company was XYZ Moving Company.  The driver stated we were the first pick up and he had to pick up another family in Georgia and then unload that family at Fort Hood (not sure if that was a direct PCS or into storage).

We are missing an entire box with a green sticker.  The box contains Rachel Ray (orange in color) pots and pans.  I do not have a photo of the exact items, so here is what the items look like:

If you received our box by mistake please comment below and we can arrange to contact each other.

Thank You!

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