Dear PCS:

“We are getting ready to PCS and I am lost! I need to know about shipping my car, how do I do this? Will the military pay for this? My husband is not a high rank so this PCS will end up costing us money I just know it!”

~Sincerely, HELP This Military Spouse~

Dear: HELP This Military Spouse:

First of all, you are going to do just fine… try not to stress too much it will make the PCS even harder on you.  As for your spouses rank you will know how much weight you are allowed before you will be charged for being over weight (click here).  Also, the amount of money the military will allot you for the PCS (travel, hotel, meals, etc.) can be found here.

As for shipping your POV (Privately Owned Vehicle) it will depend on if you are PCSing CONUS or ONONUS.  If you are PCSing OCONUS to OCONUS you will need to look into how your HHGs are being shipped.  Meaning homeport to homeport, ask about specific locations (i.e. time, constrictions, etc.).  However, if you are PCSing CONUS to CONUS the military “may” ship your POV for you.  This is if you have more than one vehicle and you do not have a dependent that can drive (legally) the vehicle from the old duty station to the new one.  If you own two vehicles and you have two licensed drivers you may need to transport the vehicles by your self, or the military may tell you shipping your POV will be at your own expense.

If you need to move a specific POV such as a motorcycle, ATV, dirt bike, etc. this vehicle can be shipped as a separate POV shipment or they can actually just put the vehicle in the truck with your HHGs.  However, please keep in mind if your PCSing OCONUS you will need to look into the countries transportation laws.

Also, if you are PCSing OCONUS and you are not going to take your POV with you, look into government storage… ask the TSP about this.  This will be if the country you are PCSing to will not allow the POV to enter the country.  But, again you will need to speak with your local transportation office about this.

I have shipped a vehicle several times… at my own expense and had a great experience doing so.  However, do not do anything that will stress you out even more.  PCSing can be hard, but don’t worry… we are always here to help.  Here are some POV moving services recommended by our members (click here).