High Hopes of a Military Move     

PCSing stinks! You may or may not have gotten your choice duty assignment. You may or may not get decent packers and movers. Moving definitely takes a toll.

Military Moving

But as military spouses we understand that whether a move goes smooth or not really depends on us. We are the caretakers, the go betweens with the moving company, the peacemakers within the family because let’s face it, nobody enjoys moving. Like it or not, mil-spouses take the brunt of the move but it’s not all bad news. A PCS is an opportunity!

#1 View Moving as a Chance to Start Over

Anything that was a downer about your old duty station can be left behind. If you had a nosey neighbor, a teacher that was hard to deal with or maybe a grocery store that was always crowded, moving takes you away from all of it!

Relocating offers you the chance to embrace any changes you hope to make in your own life.

#2 View PCSing as the Opportunity for an Adventure

This is a great opportunity to experience a new town or neighborhood. If it’s an overseas move maybe you will learn a new language. At the very least you can try out some new food!

Kids definitely take their cues from us. If we look at a PCS as a chore, so will they. My husband and I always viewed moving as an adventure, a chance to learn about a new city and state, an opportunity to possibly meet a new best friend.

#3 Take Advantage of Some Great Resources

Unlike your prior moves where you really had to work to find any info, the internet and social media make research so easy. For information about base housing, local neighborhoods, realtors, even moving companies check out PCSgrades.com. You can read reviews written by fellow military families. The website is FREE and exclusive to the military and veteran community. There are also some really active Facebook pages. Some are location specific such as Pentagon PCS and some are more broad-based such as Military Officer Spouses. These social media sites are a wealth of information. You can engage with other mil-spouses in your new location before you even move. For post-PCS issues, follow Lost During My PCS.

#4 It Truly is the Journey

I know it sound trite, but it is the truth. Some families turn the drive to their new duty station into a mini vacation stopping along the way. Don’t let the stress of the packers and movers follow you to your new duty station. Yes, it is upsetting leaving everything that is familiar. Maybe you are a leaving a best friend. Maybe you are anxious about what kind of damage you will find on the other end of the move. Whatever it is, leave it behind. Enjoy this time with your spouse and your kids.

#5 Find the Positive

You may not get the house that you had hoped for. There may be lots of damage and lost items in your move. The kids might hate their new school. But it always passes. We get over the nicks in the the furniture (as soon as the reimbursement check comes in). The kids eventually tolerate their new classroom as soon as they meet their new best friend. There is almost always a silver lining to be had after even the most disastrous of moves. Look for it and embrace it.

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