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    Looking to download What Will We Be album online ? Released: Oct 23, 2009, Devendra Banhart released Rock album What Will We Be.

    Album has 14 Songs, 50 Minutes available to download or listen

    Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=5392#lostduringmypcs110918

    Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=5392#lostduringmypcs110918

    Album songs list:
    Can’t Help But Smiling 2:24

    Angelika 3:23

    Baby 3:05

    Goin’ Back 3:44

    First Song for B 3:00

    Last Song for B 3:01

    Chin Chin & Muck Muck 5:24

    16th & Valencia Roxy Music 2:59

    Rats 5:07

    Maria Lionza 5:50

    Brindo 3:41

    Meet Me At Lookout Point 3:40

    Walilamdzi 2:11

    Foolin’ 2:43


    The freak-folk king releases his major-label debut. Banhart is still as eclectic as ever, jumping from folk to R&B to reggae as he feels fits. The orchestration of Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon has been bypassed for a small band sound that primarily expands in the vocal department where it can sound like you’ve found a late-night tribal folk mass (“Angelika”). Banhart’s music without borders means anything can happen. “Baby” sends things off on a Caribbean vacation, as if Banhart has been reborn as Jack Johnson or Jimmy Buffett. “Goin’ Back” lays back with a country twang. “Last Song for B” rests on a pensive whisper. “Chin Chin & Muck Muck” worms its way through cabaret and folk with a distinct lean towards the joy of children’s music. “16th and Valencia Roxy Music” sports a disco move. “Rats” channels the Doors and an extra-glam backbeat. The clean production from Paul Butler (A Band of Bees) is a striking change for a performer who has relied on either lo-fi murk for mystery or elaborate arrangements to bring the party home.
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