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    Looking to download Harajuku album online ? Released: Jun 19, 2013 , Made In Japan Production launched Anime album Harajuku.

    Album has 100 Songs, 6 Hours 46 Minutes available to download or listen

    Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=8869#lostduringmypcs110918

    Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=8869#lostduringmypcs110918

    Album songs list:
    Uninstall (From “Bokurano”) 4:42

    Tomorrow (From “Full Metal Panic!”) 3:35

    Winning Run Kaze Ni Naritai (From “Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & Go Wgp”) 3:59

    Y’know (From “Bubblegum Crisis”) 4:00

    Romanesque (From “El Cazador de la Bruja”) 4:23

    Dream of Life (From “Bakuman”) 4:24

    Together (From “Pocket Monsters”) 4:03

    Advanced Adventure (From “Pocket Monsters”) 4:11

    Tensai Bakabon (From “The Genius Bakabon”) 3:31

    Sougen No Maruko (From “Dagli Appennini alle Ande”) 2:59

    Miracle Girl (From “Yawara”) 3:49

    Dokonjyou Gaeru (From “Gutsy Frog”) 2:52

    10 Years After (From “Mobile Suit Gundam”) 4:26

    Rhythm Emotion (From “New Mobile Report Gundam Wing”) 3:56

    Dreams (From “After War Gundam X”) 5:02

    Jidai Ga Naiteiru (From “Mobile Suit Gundam”) 4:41

    Itsuka Sora Ni Todoite (From “Mobile Suit Gundam”) 3:50

    Eien No Tobira (From “Mobile Suit Gundam”) 4:59

    White Reflection (From “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing the Movie – Endless Waltz”) 4:49

    Driver’s High (From “GTO”) 4:01

    Syura (From “Gintama”) 3:18

    Dramatic (From “Big Windup!”) 4:14

    Zukkoke Otokomichi 5:09

    Oshiri Kajiri Mushi (From “Minna No Uta”) 3:32

    Bara Ha Utsukushiku Chiru (From “Lady Oscar”) 3:22

    Ganmo Doki (From “Gu-Gu Ganmo”) 2:59

    Teru No Uta (From “Tales From Earthsea”) 4:54

    Koi Ha Question (From “Princess Anmitsu a.k.a. Anmitsu Hime”) 3:13

    Koi Hajimemashita (From “Lovely Idol”) 3:44

    Hitohira No Hanabira (From “Bleach”) 3:35

    Believe in My Existence (From “Cardfight!! Vanguard”) 4:07

    Re:Pray (From “Bleach”) 5:08

    Hologram (From “Phi Brain Puzzle of God”) 4:51

    Secret Base Kimiga Kuretamono (From “Kids War 3”) 4:39

    Busters Ready Go (From “Tokumei Sentai Go-busters”) 3:58

    Connect (From “Madoka Magica”) 4:32

    Newsong (From “Naruto”) 3:29

    Kimi No Shiranai Monogatari (From “Bakemonogatari”) 5:41

    Renai Circulation (From “Bakemonogatari”) 4:14

    Kimi No Naka No Eiyuu (Mobile Suit Gundam) 4:37

    Yokubou Wo Sakebe (From “Naruto”) 3:45

    Os Uchuujin (From “Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl”) 3:21

    Kizuna Go Busters (From “Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters”) 4:05

    Zannenkei Rinjinbu Hoshifutatsuhan (From “I Have Few Friends”) 4:18

    Dilemma (From “Gintama”) 3:58

    Asue (From “Mobile Suit Gundam”) 5:23

    Nazo Nazo Happiness (From “Detective Opera Milky Holmes 2”) 4:00

    Happy Girl (From “Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!”) 4:00

    Kaeri Michi (From “Bakemonogatari”) 4:09

    Brain Diver (From “Phi-brain Puzzle of God”) 3:40

    Place to Try (From “Naruto”) 3:39

    Stand Up (From “Digimon Xros Wars”) 4:08

    Hare Hare Yukai (From “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”) 3:36

    Anpanman No March (From “Anpanman”) 2:55

    Harukaze (From “Bleach”) 4:33

    Lion (From “Macross Frontier”) 5:01

    Lalala Sweet Precure (From “Precure”) 3:27

    Good Bye, Good Luck (From “Naruto”) 3:23

    Sobakasu (From “Rurouni Kenshin”) 4:12

    Lets Go Smile Precure (From “Precure”) 3:37

    Sharp # (From “Mobile Suit Gundam”) 3:40

    Anagura (From “Gintama”) 3:40

    Miss Mystery (From “Detective Conan”) 3:48

    Thermae Romae (From “Thermae Romae”) 3:38

    Hare Hare Yukai (from “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”) 3:36

    Kibou Rainbow (From “Precure”) 4:09

    Nakama (From “Gintama”) 4:42

    Totsugeki Rock (From “Naruto”) 2:22

    Shooting Star (From “Kamen Rider”) 3:52

    Across My World (From “Ginga E Kickoff!!”) 4:22

    By My Side (From “Naruto”) 3:29

    Kaze Wo Kitte (From “Nintama Rantaro”) 4:31

    Wonderland (From “Gintama”) 3:46

    Feel So Moon (From “Space Brothers”) 4:45

    Motteke Serafuku (From “Lucky Star”) 4:17

    Brave Hero (From “Danball Senki W”) 3:55

    Yay Yay Yay (From “Precure”) 3:49

    Natsu Ga Yatte Kuru (From “Inazuma 11”) 4:00

    Cascade (From “Naruto”) 3:45

    Mask (From “Bleach”) 4:49

    My Pace (From “Bleach”) 4:24

    Baby It’s You (From “Bleach”) 3:55

    Yajirushi Ni Natte (From “Pocket Monsters”) 4:02

    Kandou Kyouyuu (From “Inazuma 11”) 4:41

    Movin (From “Bleach”) 4:18

    Oshiri No Yama Ha Everest (From “Oshiri Kajiri Mushi”) 3:14

    Mankai Smile (From “Precure”) 3:39

    Jyounetsu De Muneatsu (From “Inazuma 11”) 4:47

    Kibou Ni Tsuite (From “AKB0048”) 4:06

    Kimi No Namida Ni Konnani Koishiteru (From “Detective Conan”) 4:43

    Moshimono Hanashi (From “Bakuman”) 4:00

    Life (From “Bleach”) 4:06

    Life Is Show Time (From “Kamen Rider”) 3:56

    Konokoe Karashite (feat. Chehon) [From “Naruto”] 5:10

    Happy People (From “Bleach”) 3:48

    Shoshinwo Keep On (From “Inazuma 11”) 4:37

    Oatoga Yoroshikutteyo (From “Joshiraku”) 3:54

    Two Spirits (From “Danball Senki W”) 3:56

    Nippon Egao Hyakkei (From “Joshiraku”) 3:52

    Umare Kawattemo Bokude Iiyo (From “Danball Senki W”) 3:46

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