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    Looking to download Sci-Fi Crimes album online ? Released: Aug 31, 2009, Chevelle released Rock album Sci-Fi Crimes.

    Album has 12 Songs, 43 Minutes available to download or listen

    Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=1770#lostduringmypcs110818

    Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=1770#lostduringmypcs110818

    Album songs list:
    Sleep Apnea 3:51

    Mexican Sun 4:15

    Shameful Metaphors 4:21

    Jars 3:19

    Fell Into Your Shoes 5:06

    Letter from a Thief 3:27

    Highland’s Apparition 4:08

    Roswell’s Spell 4:37

    Interlewd 1:21

    A New Momentum 4:25

    This Circus 4:32


    Ten years into their recording career, Chevelle takes a detour into America’s paranormal fringe on Sci-Fi Crimes. This time, they play with themes of supernatural activity and interplanetary contact while continuing to lay down churning grooves and astringent guitar lines. “Roswell’s Spell,” for instance, stomps along to a thunderous beat worthy of John Bonham as singer Pete Loeffler wrestles with the facts behind UFO mythology. More insinuating is “Highland’s Apparition,” a ghost story offered in a breathy, slightly sinister tone. The band remains committed to serving up thick-cut, riff-driven rock in the manner of past albums and tracks like “Sleep Apnea” and “Letter from a Thief” strut with predatory menace, while “Mexican Sun” displays a tormented sort of swagger and “This Circus” twitches with a hint of funk. As ever, the band expresses disdain for human pretensions — the brutal “Jars” tears into mankind’s hope for self-salvation. At its core, Chevelle remains committed to its bedrock moral principles, even as it has fun batting around some choice conspiracy theories.
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