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    Looking to download Destroyer (Resurrected) album online ? Released: Aug 21, 2012, Kiss released Rock album Destroyer (Resurrected).

    Album has 11 Songs, 37 Minutes available to download or listen

    Download here http://truemp3.club/?d=1328#lostduringmypcs110818

    Download here http://truemp3.club/?d=1328#lostduringmypcs110818

    Album songs list:
    Detroit Rock City (2012 Remix) 5:15

    King of the Night Time World (2012 Remix) 3:21

    God of Thunder (2012 Remix) 4:17

    Great Expectations (2012 Remix) 4:24

    Flaming Youth (2012 Remix) 2:59

    Sweet Pain (2012 Remix) 3:21

    Shout It Out Loud (2012 Remix) 2:51

    Beth (2012 Remix) 2:49

    Do You Love Me? (2012 Remix) 3:40

    Rock and Roll Party (2012 Remix) 1:26

    Sweet Pain (Original Guitar Solo) 3:18


    KISS’s fourth studio album, Destroyer, had been the group’s great leap forward in terms of concept and production. The earlier double LP Alive! had broken them commercially but also pointed out that their studio releases lacked the energy and firepower of their concerts. Alice Cooper/Lou Reed producer Bob Ezrin—a man of serious musical training—helped educate the group on music theory. As 1976’s Destroyer neared its 35th anniversary, Ezrin approached the group about doing a remix and rerelease of the original album. With band approval, Ezrin brought the 16-track analog master tapes into the 21st century. Ace Frehley’s original guitar solo for “Sweet Pain” was included on this edition, with Dick Wagner’s better-known solo featured as a bonus track. Additional vocals omitted from the original mix were brought back to fortify “Detroit Rock City” and “Beth,” and the entire album received a re-equalization with the guitars becoming brighter, tougher, and louder. The song “Rock and Roll Party” (which had only been available on the first pressings of the original album’s vinyl as a “hidden track”) was added to complete the overhaul.
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