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Dear PCS has a devoted following through our many social media groups and pages. Our military spouse team is available to answer all those "crazy" questions about PCSing.  Dear PCS is well-known for their advice delivered with the a very obtuse style... just like that one friend you share a glass of wine with. Come and share a giggle, tear, or scream a little while you learn something new about PCSing with our amazing military spouse team at Dear PCS. 

I Need To Ship My POV… HELP!

Dear PCS:

“We are getting ready to PCS and I am lost! I need to know about shipping my car, how do I do this?...

Will They Ship My Firearms?

Dear PCS:

“With everything happening around firearms my husband is really worried they will not ship...

What's Up With Those Labels?

Dear PCS:

“I have been trying to get ready for this upcoming PCS and I keep hearing about adding labels to the boxes....

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