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Our Story

Have you ever lost a box, item, special family keepsake during a PCS? Have you ever had that one PCS where you received word your items arrived at the wrong duty station? Have you ever received your HHGs to find out you have items that do not belong to you? Have you ever... OK enough with the have you ever game! We all have been there, will be there, or are there right now. Yes you know what I am talking about: that PCS, that one PCS we will NEVER forget.

I started a Facebook group in 2014 when I read a story about an officers spouse who lost her wedding dress in a PCS and it broke my heart.  I never thought it would grow into what it has, and it has made me realize we have such an amazing group of military spouses, mothers, service members, etc who want to make sure every little items that goes missing during a PCS is returned... or at least try.  ​

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