5 Tips for Making Graduation Special in Spite of a PCS!

It may be tempting to push college or high school graduation celebrations aside with an upcoming PCS. But to your graduate, this is a huge accomplishment that deserves some recognition. So set aside the packing tape and the boxes and take pride as your student walks up to the stage to accept that diploma. It’s an achievement that may have been earned at multiple schools in several different states making it all the more an accomplishment for your graduate.

Tips for making graduation special during a PCS!

  • Instead of hosting a huge grad party at your house, see if you can participate in a joint party with friends. Having a friend host takes the festivities out of your home. You can contribute in other ways with providing decorations or food. Another option is hosting a grad party at a local restaurant or other venue.
  • Make arrangements for visiting family and friends to stay at a local hotel instead of your home. Some hotels will offer a special discount rate for groups of 10 or more.  If you are lucky, these guests might stick around to help you with your move!
  • If your house is being packed out in the days leading up to graduation, set aside clothing for the ceremony and gifts for your grad along with your other Do Not Pack items in a designated room or closet.
  • Celebrate early. Hosting a large party weeks ahead of a pack out is preferable for some. This allows you to honor your senior but is far enough in advance to not interfere with the PCS.
  • Hold off on the celebration until the move is over. Attend the ceremony, pack up, move to your new location, and once things are settled, plan a nice outing later in the summer. Some families have bypassed an immediate celebration and even waited until Thanksgiving or winter break to take a family cruise or vacation to commemorate this special event.

Our military kids are known for their resilience but these end of the year moments are still important to them. Graduation signifies the end of an era, the end of childhood. It is a special time, both for you as a family and your graduate. How did you celebrate in spite of a PCS?

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